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The Art of Mooring

We've only had Happy Chance for three weeks but I'm pleased to say we've got the whole mooring thing down to a fine art. What we've discovered is that you don't have to shout wildly or gesticulate madly. (Because the truth is that if I'm at the bow and Mr J's at the stern we can't hear or see each other.) You just slow down, put the engine into neutral and glide in! And now we have a system: I secure the stern first and then sort out the bow. Simple, easy and stress-free (thanks to the bow thruster!) All I have to do now is get a hang of throwing the ropes over the mooring posts!

The Bull at Sonning

We went back to Sonning on Friday night and this time made a point of finding The Bull, a traditional 16th century inn which is tucked away up the hill and down the High Street. And I'm glad we did because it was divine. Red walls, dark beams, candles on the tables and a roaring fire by the bar. Lovely people, lovely food and lovely atmosphere. We were on table 18 which is in one of the corners of the 'main' restaurant. If you're booking a table for 4, try tables 20 (again in the main restaurant) or 12 (in the bar).

We have a name!

We were going to keep part of her original name - Lady - but we've changed our mind. We've decided to call her Happy Chance, which I think is lovely.

You don't have to go far to have fun: Henley

Although it was raining on Friday night, we decided we'd spend the weekend on the boat regardless. And I'm glad we did because Saturday was absolutely glorious. We didn't go very far - just down the river to Henley - but we had a lovely time. Moored up past the bridge on the right, had lunch, read the papers in the sunshine (I even got the sun block out!), went for a walk around town and then had dinner at The Little Angel (not to be confused with The Angel just beside the bridge), which was superb: great food, great atmosphere and great service. The perfect end to a great day. And this morning we were treated to a display of fit & disciplined athletes: rowers on the river and runners (the Henley Half Marathon) on the towpath. So all in all a superb weekend.

You can tell we're new to this

As gale force winds were forecast for yesterday, we decided we wouldn't go out on the river. Instead, we'd go to the boat, drop off all our latest purchases - plates, lump hammer, wind up torch, kettle, cups, etc - and give her a good clean. So we packed up all our bits and pieces, including the hoover (I wanted to hoover all the upholstery) and set off along the M4. At about exit 6 (and our exit is 8/9) we suddenly remembered we'd forgotten to pack the most important item: the boat key! Luckily we didn't have to drive back through all the traffic and roadworks because when we bought the boat it was suggested we leave a spare set of keys at the Marina. Which we did. Phew!

Naming our boat

As the previous owners are retaining her name - Ambient Lady - we have to come up with a new one. We thought we'd keep part of her original name - Lady - because it means she's graceful, gracious, sophisticated, elegant, etc. But what do we add to 'Lady' to describe her/how we feel about her? Dutch Lady (she was built in Holland)? Lady of Leisure? Lovely Lady? Joyful Lady? Serene Lady? The search goes on.