The UK's last self hammering mooring stake

I've spent the last few months looking for one of these: a self hammering mooring stake.  Because when we're mooring along the bank and Mr J wants me to secure the bow rope as quickly as possible, the stake and mallet option sometimes takes too long. Plus it's hard work. So when some friends showed me their self hammering stakes, I decided to get one. But first I had to find them.  My friends couldn't remember where they'd got theirs from and our local chandleries had never heard of them. So it was over to google. After hours searching the internet and cross referencing different key words, I came across a few forums that mentioned automatic mooring stakes. The good news was that the descriptions matched what I had in mind. The bad news was that apparently they didn't exist any more. Undeterred I kept looking and discovered that Viking Marine in Goole used to stock them. So I picked up the phone and spoke to a lovely lady called Sue. There was more good news and bad news. The bad news was that the posts on the forums were right: the automatic mooring stakes had stopped being made quite a few years ago. But the good news ... drum roll .... was that Sue had one left. So without stopping for breath, I handed over my credit card details and am now the proud owner of the UK's last self hammering mooring stake. Hurrah!  And I have some more good news. If you're as desperate as I was for one of these, when I was doing my searches I came something similar in the States. It's called the Slide Anchor Shore Spike and it works in exactly the same way.


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