Three Big Changes

Three life changing things have happened since my last post on A Man, A Woman and a Boat:
1. I became Mrs J (we got married in September 2013)
2. I closed (earlier this year in fact)
3. We bought a 15 mtr Piper barge which has made boating on the Thames even more wonderful

Happy Chance (the barge) is our third boat, as we upgraded from our original 7.5mtr Antaris Dutch cruiser to a slightly bigger Diamond Dutch cruiser in 2012. She came down from Stoke on Trent on the back of a truck and was launched at the Thames & Kennet Marina in May 2015. I wrote a piece about our first year on Happy Chance for the Piper Boat website. I could copy and paste it into this post, but the photo layout wouldn't work as well. So here's the link instead:


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